The Cause Of The Colour / Oppressed By The Line (Club AC30)

Pure Tone Audiometry / Aarktica (Darla)
3 songs + remixies / photo (apart)
The Avenues EP / Earlimart (Palm Pictures)
Stings & Dum Machines / Gavouna (Arable)
Work And Non Work / Broadcast (Warp)

Coastal / A Shoreline Dream (Latenight Weeknight)
Avoiding The Consequences / A Shoreline Dream (Latenight Weeknight)

Musicguitar / Musicguitar (commune-disc)
EP / Pacific UV (Warm Electronic)

Outside Out / Televise (Club AC30)
Dunaj / squares on both sides (Hausmusik)
Lovers, Lead The Way! / Viva Voce (Asthmatic Kitty)
You Take Me To The World / Green Milk From The Planet Orange (Beta-lactam Ring)
Atheist Love Songs To God / Whip (Resonant)
Japan Tour 2005 Morr Music / B.Fleischmann/Tarwater (Morr Music)

The legion of dynamic dischord / Aerial (Nomethod)
A retrospective / Mixtapes & Cellmates (Nomethod)


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